Post Prom Prep

Let’s face it…whether you aren’t going to a prom for a few more years or your prom is just a few weeks away, chances are you’ve been dreaming about the perfect outfit for quite some time now. What a lot of people forget about, though, is that prom can be a lot more than just the event itself. With pre-prom photo shoots and post-prom after parties, there certainly can be a lot to get outfitted for, but don’t stress! Here at Frankie’s we are stocked with options for your prom after party. Take a break thinking about the main event and check out our favorite choices for after prom dresses below.

black dress

We love this black lace dress by Dolce Vita.

Depending on your style, you may want to spice things up and choose a dress that’s a little different from what you wore beforehand. If your dress was super colorful, try this dress at left by Dolce Vita. The sheer straps and mid-section show off just enough skin to not be inappropriate, and the black lace totally gives off a party vibe.


How great is this faux leather piece by Lush Clothing?

If your dress was on the simpler side, try this dress at right by Lush Clothing. The faux leather panels on the front combined with the exposed zipper on the back make for a super funky look. Plus, the entire back is a beautiful teal color that contrasts with the nude on the front. The nice thing about this dress is that it really stands on its own and barely needs accessorizing.

Don’t forget, prom isn’t all about the outfit. Make sure to have a great time independent of what you wear!



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