Mother’s Day Mania

One of my all time favorite movies has always been The Perfect Man. Maybe I just have a soft spot for Hilary Duff or love for New York City, but something about the mother-daughter relationships that play out on screen always leave me feeling grateful my mom and other moms in my life. Though we might not be faking a secret admirer here at Frankie’s like they did in the movie, we do share the same crazy appreciation for our mothers, and can’t wait to celebrate them in a couple weeks! No matter how you’re celebrating your Mother’s Day, its always nice to thank your mom with a little gift. If you’re struggling with the best way to show her you care, check out our favorite gifts for moms of all different styles and tastes.

For the mom with timeless style, you can’t go wrong with a good initial necklace. Anything monogrammed or personalized with your letter of choice practically exudes class and elegance. The script font of Gab + Cos initial necklaces are totally traditional, perfect for a mom who prefers classic looks over new trends.

photo 3

How beautiful is this Gab + Cos initial?

For the mom that’s hip and edgy, choose a gift that’s unexpected. Whether mismatched earrings or an eye-catching print, a gift for this type of mom should be original. We love this snake piece by Jenny Bird because it’s worn around your hand instead of your wrist. If that type of style is too daring for your mom, her normal snake bracelets are just as unique.

photo 1

Jenny Bird makes me want to wear edgy jewelry like these snakes.

For the bohemian mom, pick a piece with color and flair. Vanessa Mooney captures this look in all of her jewelry, which is why we love the stacks of bracelets at left. These sets come in all different color combinations with varying beads and match perfectly with the free-spirited moms we all know and love.

photo 2 (3)

Vanessa Mooney’s colorful bracelets complete any plain outfit.

Last but not least, have a great Mother’s Day, and let us know how you choose to celebrate!



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