Step Into Spring

We all know what winter feet feel like. Chances are you haven’t gone sock-less in months or parted from heavy boots. At this point, pedicures are probably nothing but a distant memory. Here at Frankie’s, we’re ready for summer and everything that comes with it, including breezy tanks, cutoff shorts, and our favorite…shoes! Summer sandals are all we’ve been dreaming about, and we’re psyched that the weather might finally let us dig our old pairs out of our closets and take them out for a spin.

studded sandals

We can’t wait to rock this studded pair this summer.

Whether strappy or studded, no sandal is too daring for this spring and summer. Combining the two is an even better option, like this pair by Dolce Vita. The gold accents let you dress the shoe up or down, taking you seamlessly from a day at the beach to a fancy dinner with friends. Pairing your favorite gold jewels with these shoes also works perfectly. Who doesn’t love an outfit made for piling on accessories?

If you’re looking for something to make more of a statement, these Dolce


These Dolce Vita wedges are the best summer shoe.

Vita wedges do just the trick. The combination of both brown and black leather make the shoes super wearable with any color combination, and the height boost is perfect for summer occasions.

I’ll never be able to get enough of summer shoes, so tell me–what are your favorites?



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