School Dance Season


This velvet dress by For Love & Lemons is so appropriate for winter.

Everyone knows that winter means holiday season, with Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day all within a couple months. Between the holidays can be a bit of a winter lull…unless you’re in high school, of course, and getting ready for dance season! February is a month full of all kinds of high school dances, meaning it’s time to whip your heels out from the back of the closet and get ready for a fun night out with all your friends. Whether you’re going to a Sadie Hawkins, turnabout, or winter formal type dance, finding the perfect look can be a bit challenging. There are always several ways to go when choosing your school dance outfit, so check out our favorite styles below to get a sense of what direction you want to take:

sequin dress

This sequin dress by Dolce Vita adds just enough spark.e

Dress for the season. We love summer’s breezy dresses and bright prints, but dressing for winter is just as fun. Velvet is guaranteed to evoke a winter vibe, as is something with sophisticated long sleeves. Find a dress with both and you’ll be set for the season, not to mention turning heads as soon as you walk in the room.

Wear a little sparkle. Every girl knows that sparkle is the perfect way to kick up your confidence and draw much-deserved attention. Wearing a flashy dress with sequins or beading will be the perfect amount of dressy, and couldn’t be more fun.

lisa freede

Lisa Freede’s statement bracelet is a great accessory to freshen up an old dress.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Say you’re not in the mood to buy something new, the perfect accessories can totally change a look. Whether with your favorite jewelry, shoes, or fantastic outerwear, accessories can never hurt.

So what are you planning on wearing to your formal this year? I would love to hear!



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