Gift Guide: Christmas Edition

Now that the  Hanukkah festivities have wound down and temperatures are getting colder, Christmas is definitely on the brain. Though some of you enthusiastic Black Friday shoppers may already have your Christmas gifts taken care of, not all of us are as prepared. The festive holiday is still a couple weeks away…just the right amount of time to get the perfect gifts for friends and loved ones! Here are our five favorite gifts for Christmas this year:


1. The Zara Terez disco pillow. There is absolutely nothing cuter than this comfortable pillow. It practically screams party, and what girl doesn’t love a little disco action to liven things up?


2. A chic Hooded Scarf.  Not only is this scarf fashionable, but it’s totally practical. Get the most bang for you buck with this two for one look–a scarf that doubles as a hat or hood!


3. If you love the scarf concept but want something a little more personal, check out these adorable Keep It Initial Scarves. These gems are warm, cozy, and topped with an embroidered initial in a variety of colors.


4. No gift guide is complete without good jewelry, which is why we love these teardrop earrings. Whether you prefer silver, gold, or mixed metals (shown above), there’s an option for every earring lover you might be shopping for.


5. Last but not least, these zipper bags are sure to please. These purses are a great everyday option, and are the perfect size for daily essentials of girls and teens at any age.

If you don’t see anything you’re crazy about, check out our special Holiday Shop online. Good luck with your search!



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