Thoughts on Thanksgiving

I can say with almost 100% certainty that I’ve met very few people who don’t like Thanksgiving. When it really comes down to it, what’s not to love about spending time with family, stuffing your face with yummy pumpkin pie, and reflecting on the past year? There’s no doubt that we all have plenty to be thankful for, and this holiday is a great opportunity to show it. With that said, two weeks away is the perfect time to start thinking about what to wear to the big holiday celebrations.


Considering Thanksgiving is usually a holiday spent with family, you’ll want to keep in mind who you’ll be seeing and how to dress appropriately. There are probably certain things you would and wouldn’t wear in front of your grandma or little cousins. When looking for your holiday outfit, stick to something that’s more on the conservative side. A nice, cozy sweater or a long-sleeved blouse are both great options for this occasion. ruffle

My favorite two Thanksgiving tops in store right now are the Feather in the Wind top by Free People (shown left) for teens, and the Me N. U Mini Ruffle sweater for girls (shown right). Free People’s beautiful blouse is perfect for the season–the delicate beading and fall colors are a holiday must. Me N. U’s sweater has just the right amount of sparkle, perfectly appropriate for a special occasion.

Most importantly, make sure to enjoy your holiday! And let us know what you decide to wear!



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