Print Obsessed

friendship leggings

Now you can wear friendship bracelets on your legs!

Here at Frankie’s, we’re always on the lookout for new trends and different ways to style them. Our awesome buyers have a knack for finding the coolest duds that are always ahead of the game, filling our racks with the latest styles that are sure to impress…and usually before everyone else discovers them! A perfect example? The plethora of printed leggings that everyone has been dying over this season!

leopard leggings

How cute is this leopard print by Ella Moss?

These eye-catching leggings are a must-have for any girl who loves making a statement and standing out. What’s unique about printed leggings is that they take the idea of a print and instantly make it more comfortable. While printed jeans made a big statement last year, printed leggings lets you achieve the same kind of look with a much more relaxed, easy going vibe. 

galaxy leggings

This galactic pair by So Nikki is out of this world.

If you’re going to sport the printed trend, don’t be intimidated by how to wear it. Any neutral sweater or long sleeved t-shirt works with these bottoms, along with your favorite pair of boots or cute sneakers (Superga’s, anyone?). Once you’ve got your best look styled, the options are endless with appropriate occasions to show it off. Take it to school to turn heads down the hallway. Steal Sunday brunch with the fun trend. There’s no wrong time or place!

So tell me, are you willing to give printed leggings a try? I’d love to hear!



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