All About Outerwear

If my excitement about the return of Fall sweaters wasn’t a clear enough indication, I couldn’t be happier about the weather finally cooling down in Chicago. With Halloween quickly approaching and Thanksgiving following soon after, there’s lots to love about the Fall season, obviously fashion being number one. Though sweaters will always hold my attention with all the season’s fun looks filling up the racks here at Frankie’s, another hot item may be climbing its way up my must-haves list…outerwear!


This Vintage Havana Kids olive jacket with leather sleeves even has a cute (and practical!) hood in the back.

A cute coat or jacket is essential in topping off any outfit in the cooler months ahead. They’re super easy to throw on over anything on the go, whether rushing to quickly get to school or heading out of the house on the fly. Jackets are also easy because they don’t have to perfectly match everything else you’re wearing. With jackets, it’s often the funkier, the better. Jackets instantly upgrade whatever is underneath to the next level, creating a look that’s polished and put together. By adding an instant element of style, jackets are great for accessorizing. I like to pair mine with printed scarves and big purses.

army jacket

I love the print of this Gentle Fawn women’s jacket.

Jackets are also a fun way to experiment with trends. If you’re into leather, look for outerwear with accents like pockets or sleeves. If you’re inspired by army, find a jacket with an edgy camouflage print. The options are really endless when searching for outerwear that expresses yourself and stands out.

Whether you’re excited about Fall or still missing Summer, hopefully these jackets have provided inspiration for how to style yourself this season. Any favorite jackets I should know about? I’d love to hear!



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