Fun with Fall Sweaters


We love this pullover by Free People.

With back to school shopping extravaganzas starting to die down and the school year officially under way, it’s the perfect opportunity to start considering how to approach the fall weather that has totally snuck up on Chicago. Even though I’m reluctant to face the fact that it’s finally time to put away the denim cutoffs I’ve been living in all summer, I’m excited that my favorite season of the year is finally here: fall! There’s lots to love about fall–pumpkin spiced everything, leaves changing colors, Halloween–but I can never seem to keep my mind off of the season’s adorable knit sweaters.

What I love most about sweaters is their versatility, because you truly can wear them with everything. Whether throwing oversized sweaters over breezy, floral dresses for a more boho look on a warm day or pairing a sweater with your favorite skinnies and boots, there’s really no way to go wrong. But besides being able to match with everything, sweaters are totally comfortable. For those of us who prefer relaxing in pajamas to a night out in heels, sweaters help maintain that cozy feel without looking like you just rolled out of bed.


The stars on the sleeves of this Vintage Havana gem add a little extra to a plain black sweater.

Celebrities also seem to be big fans of the timeless wardrobe staple. When seeking inspiration for how to wear your favorite sweaters, flip through the pages of any magazine and I guarantee you’ll find plenty of looks worn by your favorite Hollywood stars. I recommend starting to build a good sweater collection now, because it seems like this popular piece isn’t leaving us anytime soon!

How have you guys been styling your fall sweaters? Are there any in particular I should know about? I’d love to hear!



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