Lollapalooza Looks

It is officially that time of year to pay tribute to the best three days of summer…Lollapalooza!! The famous Grant Park music festival begins today, bringing with it all things fun and crazy. Music festivals are known to be hotbeds of street style, so in addition to being prepared by knowing the bands and music you want to see, it is absolutely essential that you build some awesome Lolla Looks. One of the best parts about Lollapalooza is that it lasts three days, meaning three opportunities to show off your favorite summer staples. Here is an example of an ideal, memorable Lollapalooza outfit that is sure to turn heads–hopefully it helps you craft yours!


This outfit is totally Lollapalooza material because it provides the perfect balance of style and comfort that is key to handling any music festival. Last but not least, some style survival tips that will help you get through the weekend: Wear shoes that you won’t care about getting completely ruined. When choosing your footwear, plan on throwing them out afterwards. If they survive the festival unscathed, you’ll be much more pleasantly surprised than if you’re favorite shoes don’t. If flip flops are your thing and they match your outfit as well as they match the outfit above, go for it. But remember, flip flops allow your feet to get stepped on and dirty, not to mention stuck in the mud in the case that it rains, so be prepared! Plan on sweating. The hot weather and tightly packed crowds make for extreme heat, so dress accordingly. Embrace the fanny pack. Carrying a purse or a backpack can often be hard to keep track of, so rock the old school look and find a fanny pack that’s both cute and practical.

Last but not least, be safe and have fun! Before you know it, Monday will return and we’ll all be back to our normal summer routines, so make the most of your Lolla experience. And be sure to tell us how it goes!



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