Graduate Goodies

If the warm Chicago weather today isn’t enough of an indication, I think it’s finally safe to say that summer has arrived! There are tons of perks about summer–the warmer weather, the longer days, the lighter clothing–but one thing that’s always nice about summer’s beginning is the end of the school year. For some soon to be middle schoolers, current eighth graders, seniors in high school, and seniors in college, though, the end of the school year is much more significant because of graduation! As exciting as graduation can be for friends and family alike, it’s usually an event that requires some gift shopping. To help with the search, here are our favorite gifts for graduates of all ages.


This necklace makes a great graduation gift.

When looking for a graduation gift, the goal is to find something personal, which is why this inital necklace by Lotus Designs is a great option. Choosing someone’s inital is a surefire way to show your graduate that you had them specifically in mind when picking out a congratulatory present. The necklace comes in gold or silver, and is super wearable. I’d love to receive it as a gift myself!


How sweet is this love necklace for your favorite graduate?

If you want jewelry for your graduate but the initial necklace doesn’t quite suit you, this love necklace by Gab & Cos is a great alternative. What better way to show your graduate that you care than getting a necklace that expresses your feelings with just one word? This necklace’s sparkle and glitz is just subtle enough while still standing out, and it also works great for layering.


These purses are great gift options if you’re looking for a great alternative for jewelry.

Finally, if jewelry isn’t the route you want to go, you can never go wrong with a classic purse. These crossbody zipper bags come in a variety of colors and put the finishing touch on every outfit. These purses are versatile, wearable, practical, and functional, and will no doubt be super useful for your graduate’s next chapter, whether that be high school, college, or beyond.

Any other gift ideas that we missed? Let us know! Last but not least, be sure to wish your graduate a big congratulations on their graduation day!



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