Pretty On Prom Night

The near end of the school year signals one of the biggest fashion moments of high school–prom! Whether your school’s prom has already passed or you’re anxiously waiting for its arrival, prom fashion is sure to impress. When looking at the prom outfits of our junior employees, their friends, and other high school students we know, we can’t help but notice the different looks and trends of the event. Though we don’t specialize in prom dresses here at Frankie’s, we’ve seen lots of trends from the clothing we do carry reflected in many of the awesome looks, and wanted to share prom dos and don’ts  to help either bring prom looks into your everday wardrobe, or help you on your hunt for the perfect dress if you’re still searching.


Our very own Frankie and her friends looking beautiful at their prom!

1. Do: Experiment with trends! When prom season rolls around, it’s easy to get caught up in searching for a piece that’s totally timeless. Though you can never go wrong with something classic, don’t be afraid of a trendy look. It’ll be very memorable in the long run as something that was specific to your high school experience.

2. Don’t: Feel any pressure! Never feel any push to meet a certain standard or fit a certain mold. If you love your look because it’s totally you, no one will be able to bring down your confidence.

3. Do: Dress for yourself! One of the greatest thing about prom is it’s a time to express your personal style. Whether you choose to wear a dress that’s long or short, colorful or neutral, your prom look should represent you.

4. Don’t: Forget to have fun! As great as picking out your prom look can be, remember that it’s not the only thing that the night is about. Remember to focus on enjoying yourself and making great memories too!



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