A Me. N .U Mother’s Day

We’re very excited to announce yet another special event going on this week here at Frankie’s…our very own Me. N .U trunk show! For those of you who have not yet discovered the greatness of the brand, Me. N .U is one of our favorite clothing lines for girls. In honor of our trunk show coming up this Friday through Sunday which will highlight some of the brand’s cutest spring/summer looks and pieces, I wanted to share the top 3 qualities that make Me. N .U really worth checking out.


What could be cuter than a sparkly skull?

1. Comfort. As you could probably tell from my previous support for brands like Current Elliot and Yosi Samra, fusing fashion and comfort is always a top priority. All Me. N .U pieces are made of the softest fabric that allow you to look cute and put together without adhering to the old “beauty is pain” mantra.

2. Functionality. Me. N .U is your perfect brand for everyday. Whether to school or on the weekends, throw on your favorite Me. N .U t-shirt with leggings and you’re good to go. You can even repeat the formula more than once with a different one of their shirts and you’ll find yourself still looking totally new and fresh.


This shirt’s lace back is sure to turn heads.

3. Style. With Me. N .U, you’re guaranteed to look stylish at all times. The brand does a great job representing each season’s latest trend, sporting looks from skulls to mesh to lace and everything in between.

Clearly I’m a huge Me. N .U fan, and you should be too! It’s no coincidence that our trunk show happens with Mother’s Day right around the corner, so we have a special deal going on when the showcase begins. Since Mother’s Day is all about me and you, a gift for your daughter is a gift for yourself! With any Me. N .U purchase, you’ll receive a surprise gift from us to enjoy the holiday and say thanks. Can’t wait to see some of you there!



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