Current Elliott, Candy, and Camp!

When it comes to building a thorough wardrobe, it is universally agreed that everyone needs a solid foundation of jeans. Denim takes us girls (and guys!) through every day and every occasion, so finding those few perfect pairs are essential to creating outfits that feel totally individual for every occasion. To help make the search for the perfect pair of jeans much easier, I’d like to introduce you to Frankie’s newest favorite denim brand: Current Elliott! Just in time for summer, Current Elliott denim feels soft and breathable, and never uncomfortable or stiff. Each pair of jeans has a great fit, and all are totally flattering. But most importantly, Current Elliott jeans come in a wide range of styles to fit all purposes and really build that killer wardrobe–my two favorite styles that everyone should start their jean collections with are shown below.


“The Boyfriend” jean by Current Elliott

First up, “The Boyfriend.” Boyfriend jeans take any basic outfit and immediately boost it’s style in a way that’s totally cute and totally easy to pull off. Tuck your favorite white tee into a pair of boyfriend jeans, add a belt, and kick on sandals or flats, and you’re set! Current Elliott’s Boyfriend jean is specifically cute because of the subtle rips, giving a distressed look that is totally updated and unique. The cuff and cropped nature of the jeans are perfect for showing off whatever cute shoes you’re wearing that day.


“The Stiletto” Jean by Current Elliott

Next, “The Stiletto.” Though serving a different purpose than the Boyfriend jeans shown above, the perfect pair of skinnies is equally important for keeping in your closet. A great pair of skinny jeans takes you easily from day to night, usually with only a quick change of jewelry or slipping on a pair of heels. Current Elliott’s Stiletto jean looks amazing with a killer pair of pumps, and will immediately catch everyone’s attention. I’m obviously a huge fan!

In other exciting Frankie’s news, we’re excited to announce that we now are selling goodies from Candyality, featuring all your favorite candy! And last but not least, if you’re looking for a time to check out the jeans, the treats, or any other fun things we have in store, stop by our Camp Event, this Sunday from 12-5. With raffles, complimentary manicures, and our own airbrush artist, the day is bound to be all around fun. We’d love to see you there!



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