Comer Fashion Show


An adorable group of models on the red carpet!

Big things are happening here at Frankie’s, and we’re excited to announce that yesterday’s Comer Kid’s Fashion Show was a success! For those of you who don’t know, each year Frankie’s hosts a fashion show for girls to benefit Comer Children’s Hospital, a hospital in Hyde Park centered on kid-friendly, family-focused care. As supporters of organizations like the Giving Keys, Frankie’s is a big supporter of fashion with a cause, and the Comer Fashion show is a great example. Using your sense of style to help others is a great goal, which is why the fashion show is so important to us!


One model posing with our funny MC!

Yesterday’s fashion show, MC’d by personal stylist Eric Himmel, was a big hit. With more models and families than ever, the show went off seamlessly. Our models–who had been styling their outfits for months–looked totally adorable ranging from outfits dressy to casual, representing all seasons, and of course having a blast. We loved all of our model’s personality walking down the runway, showing total enthusiasm, attitude, and plenty of smiling faces. We’re happy to share photos from the event so you all can get a sense of how great the event was.

We’d like to give a special thanks to everyone who made the event a huge success, from the models to the parents and our friends at Comer, you guys are responsible for making the event what it was! Can’t wait til next year!



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