Trend Alert: TKEES

Let me start by apologizing for the brief blogging hiatus, we’ve just been super busy here at Frankie’s lately with all of our new spring and summer clothing it’s been crazy! More importantly, I can’t wait to tell you all about one of my favorite new spring/summer items right now, TKEES flip flops! If it wasn’t already clear with the post on Yosi Samra flats, I’m a total shoe fanatic. With that said, I’m pretty particular about which shoes I’ll purchase and truly love. TKEES, though, totally get my seal of approval.


TKEES in Floral Fusion Colored Tips, a style incorporating color blocking.

Often described as classic, simple, and fun, TKEES leather flip flops are the new “it” flip flop for summer. Coming in a wide range of colors everywhere from cheetah print to hot pink, or black or navy if you prefer a neutral look, I’ve found that there really is a pair to satisfy everyone. They’re super easy to throw on as all flip flops are, but their unique look offer a great way to take your average summer flip flops to the next, updated level. They’re totally sleek and chic while still maintaining that casual, effortless feel, seamlessly making them work for both urban and boho gals.


TKEES in Slither Face Paints, a style with every animal print imaginable!

Pair your TKEES with your favorite denim cutoffs, any maxi skirt, or even a casual summer dress and you’re good to go. Clearly I’m a huge fan and I’ll definitely be sporting them soon, I just couldn’t wait to share these awesome new shoes with all of you! Anyone interested? I’d love to hear!



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