Spotlight on: UNIF

Have you ever come across a brand that is so unique and cool, you can’t help but obsess? That’s how I’ve been feeling lately about UNIF, a new brand we just started carrying here at Frankie’s. UNIF puts a totally different spin on all of the current trends, great for someone wanting to stand out in a fun and eye-catching way. Take a look at this new UNIF sweater below:


Check out this awesome sweater!

Besides being super cute, this sweater is great because it has no boundaries–why stick to plain stripes when you could go rainbow? There’s no need to limit yourself to one color pallet when you could sport a whole mix of brights that complement each other as nicely as these do. Pair this sweater with your favorite blue jeans and boots for the perfect casual look, and you’re good to go.

This sweater is only one of the many cute UNIF pieces that break the rules that we have in store, and each one is different and cuter than the next. Don’t hesitate to stop in and check out the selection!

Lastly, do you have any brands worth sharing? Are you as interested in UNIF as I am? I’d love to hear!



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