The Case for One-Size Malibu Sugar!

Hi Frankie’s fans! 

I’ve been thinking for awhile about this post…reasons why Malibu Sugar is my favorite Frankie’s brand. Some people get nervous when they hear “one size,” but not me! Malibu Sugar really IS one size fits most, and here are a few of my favorite current pieces: 

1. Malibu Sugar Rhinestone X-Back Dress in Charcoal 



So cute, right?! I think this dress would be really great at a school social or a dress-up day at school. I think it would look really cool with a black cardigan and black flats. What do you guys think?


2. Malibu Sugar Ribbed Skirt in Teal 



I’ve already worn this skirt so many times!!! It’s great for school, shopping, hanging out with friends…just about anything! I really like it paired with an oversized sweater or a Sugarlips tank, but it’s your call! 

3. Malibu Sugar Long Sleeve Mesh Top in Black 


You guys know how much I love to dance…and this mesh crop top is the ultimate in cool! I think it would look really cool with a neon sports bra and a pair of Malibu Sugar booty shorts! 

What do you like best from Malibu Sugar? Let me know and I will post the best replies! 



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